Aluminum packaging

Aluminum packaging is made from environmentally friendly foil for food products. Aluminum packaging can satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

Aluminum containers can be used for baking various products, freezing or heating products. With their rather small weight, aluminum containers are durable, convenient to use, store, and transport. Aluminum containers can be heated to a temperature of 280 C, frozen to -40 C. Aluminum containers can also be used in both conventional and microwave ovens. Aluminum packaging is completely impermeable to moisture, grease, air and ultraviolet light. And, in addition, aluminum packaging can be recycled.

Among the variety of modern packaging materials, aluminum packaging causes the least complaints. Aluminum packaging has excellent barrier properties inherent to aluminum, environmental cleanliness and the possibility of repeated processing. During production, aluminum packaging is treated with special edible oils, in accordance with all norms and rules. Aluminum as an element is present in fresh vegetables, it is not toxic, does not have the property of accumulating in the human body, and also does not enter into any chemical reactions with food products. Even without a special coating, food aluminum foil does not react with food products. A thin layer of food-grade aluminum foil in the package prevents the loss of moisture and taste. During production and firing, food aluminum foil becomes a sterile, barrier and antibacterial material at 100 %, which allows you to extend the shelf life and protect food products from any external influences.

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