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Do you want to preserve all the properties of the product and also to extend its shelf life? Then an innovative integrated solution for product packaging in a tray sealed with a special barrier film is for you!

Aiteks is the first company in Ukraine that is ready to offer such a comprehensive solution for you. We are for the environment, so both the trays and the barrier film are made of high-quality raw materials and can be recycled. That is why we offer you our solution, which has already gained immense popularity in the Western world!

PACKAGING FOR CAKES (cake containers)

Cakes belong to the category of products that advertise itself. The task of packaging for culinary masterpieces is not to overshadow the appearance of the product and to preserve all its properties. That is why plastic packaging has become an integral part of the confectionery segment and has remained so for a long time. Our products will provide:

  • transparency for full and perfect display of the cake
  • eliminate the possibility of deformation and preserve the original appearance of the product
  • will protect it during transport
  • will not pass extraneous odors
  • is safe for human health
  • variety of shapes and sizes will satisfy any needs and tastes.


We develop and produce confectionery packaging on our own equipment. We have assembled an effective combination of technological processes of all stages of production. Every employee of our company understands how important it is to produce a good product, and Aytex values its people for this.

Advantages of purchasing packaging from us:

  • production of confectionery packaging takes place at our own facilities;
  • wide assortment, you will definitely find a packaging option that will suit you perfectly;
  • loyal price policy;
  • prompt delivery of goods to any city in the country;
  • possibility to buy any packaging wholesale and retail.

Multipurpose packaging

Plastic packaging is a modern and convenient solution for storage, transportation, presentation and sale of various products. It is perfect for food products, ready-made food, non-food product groups, cosmetics, toys, etc.

The transparency of the packaging allows you to profitably present the product, provides an opportunity to take a good look at it from all sides.

Before you buy plastic packaging, you will probably be interested in learning about its advantages. The main advantages of our packaging include:

  • a wide range of packaging, which, depending on its purpose, can differ in both shape and size;
  • low weight with high strength;
  • reliable protection of products from negative environmental factors;
  • our packaging can be recycled;
  • the containers are resistant to contact with low and high temperatures (they can be placed both in the refrigerator and in the microwave oven)

Packaging for salads

The Aiteks company also manufactures packaging for salads.
We are for environmentalism. Therefore, our salad series is produced exclusively from high-quality raw materials.

Premium and unique appearance, pleasant tactile sensations, different volumes and sizes are suitable for institutions of different levels.

The salad group of packaging can be both transparent and black.

A well-packaged product is a guarantee of big sales and consumer memories of you!
We offer you to stand out among competitors due to packaging with a unique design from Aiteks.

Suitable for packing salads, berries, vegetables, fruits, cookies, candies, etc.

Craft packaging

Welcome to the world of delicious and healthy dishes! With our kraft packaging for salads and starters, you can enjoy fresh and crunchy meals at any time of the day, wherever you are.

Our packaging is made of environmentally friendly and high-quality kraft paper, which provides maximum protection and preserves the freshness of your favorite salad or first course. In addition, kraft paper is fully recyclable and biodegradable, making our packaging eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Our kraft packaging for salads and starters is strong and durable enough to protect against spills and spills. In addition, it is light and easy to transport, which allows you to enjoy your favorite dish anywhere.

Choose our kraft packaging for salads and first courses and enjoy the freshness and taste of your favorite food wherever you are.

Packaging for sushi

Our company manufactures packaging for the delivery of several types of Japanese cuisine. While developing the design of this package, our team sought advice and counsel from network operators of the sushi market and restaurants of Japanese cuisine. After that, we created packaging in an exclusive design and size that will satisfy any buyer. The main advantages of our disposable products:

  • very strong packaging allows you to keep the products undamaged during transportation;
  • the transparent lid of the product allows you to enjoy the appearance of the dish even before opening the container;
  • the packaging for sushi and rolls is easy to close and open, very convenient and easy to use.

Packaging for sauces

Disposable special containers for sauces are made of high-quality, safe polystyrene material. They are used to sell sauces from the shelves in the store, in fast food establishments, as well as in companies specializing in food delivery. Our saucer is an indispensable assistant in fast food, food courts and street festivals.

Advantages of disposable plastic saucers:

  • Affordable price.
  • Hermetic lid allows you to preserve the contents of the container.
  • Transparency makes it possible to see its contents.
  • Safety when interacting with a food product.
  • A large selection of sizes and shapes.


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