Company "Itex"

Since 1997, PC "ITEX" has been a manufacturer of disposable plastic food packaging made of several plastic raw materials (biaxially oriented polystyrene and polyethylene terephthalate (r-PET)).

PC "ITEX" is a modern factory with own PET film extrusion line (A-B-A) and many thermoforming machines for the production of packaging, as well as a big warehouse of finished goods. We offer our customers a wide range of packaging for wholesale, retail trade, cafes and restaurants, production of various types of food.

Our packaging complies with European food contact standards. All materials we are using in the production have passed EU laboratory tests and received a conclusion that it meets all requirements with EU food contact legislation.

We also care about the environment and use 90% of recycled raw materials in the extrusion of PET films.

The range of our items fully covers the needs of customers in rigid food packaging and includes:

  • Packaging for bakery and cookies
  • Trays for sealing (mono PET)
  • Multipurpose packaging
  • Packaging for salads
  • Packaging for sauces
  • Packaging for sushi
  • Packaging for cakes

We cooperate very close with all our customers, so we constantly update and improve the design and functionality of our products, as well as developing of a new packaging designs according to our customers' individual needs and requirements.

Since January 2021, PC "AITEX" has been certified according to the ISO 22000:2018 HACP system.

We have many years of experience in the sales of packaging not only in Ukraine but for export, today our partners are located in 20 countries in Europe and around the world.

We invite you to cooperate with our company, we guarantee the delivery of high-quality packaging containers at a competitive prices within the stipulated time.


Private company “ITEX”, first of all, focuses on sustainable development, integrated into all aspects of our business: from decision-making to everyday activities. 

The creation of a closed cycle in the sphere of food packaging is represented in our work, strategic orientation and goals. 

This approach is not new for us. Everything we do is based on the principles of responsibility and remembering our environmental mission. 

Our priorities, corporate strategy and day-to-day activities have reflected this focus for years.

In order to reduce the harmful impact on the environment, we set ourselves ambitious goals and integrate a closed loop in our entire production chain: from the raw materials from which we make our packaging to our consumption of all necessary resources. 

Being one of the largest manufacturers of food packaging in Ukraine with the possibility of secondary processing of raw materials, we took the initiative to create packaging that is fully recyclable.

Our PET trays can be completely recycled into new raw materials without losing their properties for an infinite number of cycles.

We use only first-class raw materials, which do not harm, but opposite - extend the shelf life of food products.

The most important thing for us is high quality. We never compromise on the safe use of our packaging for food or any other consumer goods.

 The processing of used packaging into other types of products currently takes place on an industrial scale.

Our partners are Ukraine's largest recycling companies that are able to accept used food trays from hoarders, sorters and customers from all over the country and process them into new ecological material for packaging.

In this market environment, packing of the food playing a very important role. Retailers, brand owners and manufacturers of packaging materials must work together in order to optimally solve the common problems facing the industry. 

The environmental issue of packaging is not limited to the material itself, it also reflects the problem of formation and harmful effects of CO2 .

Did you know that global wastes generated from the food industry accounts for nearly 4.4 gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions per year? If these wastes were a country, it would be the third largest source of emissions of harmful substances in the world.

Private company “ITEX” constantly innovates and produces packaging materials that extend the shelf life of products, reducing the amount of generated wastes.

Product certificate

Our products meet all the necessary requirements of the state expertise of Ukraine.

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